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Hit the Urban Bourbon Trail® to find the Bourbon City’s best bourbon and cocktail bars! This collection of Kentucky bourbon bars and restaurants specialize in all things bourbon.

Your Cocktail Cruise will go to our pick of Louisville neighborhoods to visit some of the 44 Urban Bourbon Trail® destinations. Every Urban Bourbon Trail® bar or restaurant must have more than 50 bourbons behind the bar —
and some have over 100!

The Urban Bourbon Trail® tour does not include distilleries. You’ll drive by a couple Urban Bourbon® distilleries on this 3 hour cruise, but the focus is drinks and cocktails while cruising in a tuk tuk. Route may change due to traffic, events and weather.

A cocktail at one of our favorite Urban Bourbon Trail® bars is included.


Monday through Sunday


$474 exclusive tuk buyout for up to 6 guests
(plus taxes and fees)


Brown Hotel & Lobby Bar
Louisville Palace
Marketplace Restaurant
8UP Elevated Drinkery & Kitchen


Rabbit Hole Distillery
Goodwood Brewery
Garage Bar


Muhammad Ali Center
Evan Williams Experience
Proof on Main
21C Hotel


Old Forester Distilling Co.
Doc Crow’s
BBC Brewery
Merle’s Whiskey Kitchen

Know before you go

All cruises last approx. 3 hours.

All bookings are full tuk buyout for up to 6 guests.

We tuk rain or shine.

Riders must be 21 or older.

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